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Old Meets New: Timber has long been a prized medium for fine furniture. Bamboo could be considered its successor. With concern over the mass global logging of hardwood forests, fast-growing bamboo is the solution.

The beauty of bamboo: the bamboo tabletop is sanded to an ultra smooth, tactile finish before being hand-rubbed with a premium timber oil, and then waxed. This brings out the beauty of the bamboo, as well as providing durable protection.

A perfect marriage of materials: the solid bamboo tabletop is matched perfectly to the ultra-matte, electro black base by the ‘thin black line’, which seemingly floats along the width of the table between the two bamboo pieces.

Banquet-Friendly: measuring an expansive 3,000mm long by 1,100mm wide, this table will provide ample seating for a large dining room or a corporate boardroom.


Two pieces are better than one: the contrasting black steel stripe is more than just a distinctive aesthetic feature of the table; it also means the tabletop comes in two pieces, thereby making delivery and installation a much easier experience.

An original design that has been ‘borrowed’, but not equalled.


If there’s one visionary furniture material of the future, it has to be bamboo, given the numerous upsides it offers. The species we use — Phyllostachys pubescens — has numerous noteworthy attributes:

Good for our Earth — extremely efficient at absorbing and storing carbon, bamboo acts as a locked-in carbon sink at a rate up to three times that of trees, even once harvested.

…and your health — being new to the market, our local producers manufacture bamboo plywood to modern standards, including emphasis on low VOC emissions. Also important for an eating surface: bamboo naturally inhibits bacterial growth.

Renewability — this bamboo species grows incredibly fast — up to 1 meter per day — making it genuinely sustainable and renewable. Unlike timber from trees, bamboo doesn’t require replanting after harvesting; the root system stays in place and produces new growth each season.

Durability — our bamboo products rate highly on density scales, meaning it’s on par with high density hardwood timber.


Sustainability shouldn’t just be a marketing buzzword. For a product to be truly sustainable, it needs to have lasting appeal. In an age of planned obsolescence, where the emphasis is on ‘fast fashion’, making a long term commitment is a much more conscientious approach.

By carefully choosing well designed, high quality products, you’re less likely to replace them, thereby avoiding the current mass consumer culture. Buy a product with high appeal and it won’t become another disposable commodity when no longer ‘on trend’.


Say ‘bamboo’ and most people will think ‘gauche wicker side tables’. Modern bamboo ply is anything but. Its beauty and finishing capabilities put it in the league of quality timber furniture. These qualities have made it the choice material for many acclaimed furniture designers. Its relative current scarcity also makes it something a little more distinctive than standard timber.

Please contact us to learn more about this design.

This piece is designed and made entirely in Melbourne from local materials.

Dimensions & Pricing

3000L x 1100W (mm)

Price (as featured): $9,850.00

Availability & Delivery

Please enquire for current stock availability. Estimated production time for items not in stock : 5-7 weeks