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The polished concrete table top of this beautiful, minimalist design exhibits a sense of weightlessness as it seemingly floats over its base.

The slender base is fabricated from powder-coated steel, which can be specified in a variety of colours and textures.

As with all of our concrete furniture, the tabletop is hand-cast and then hand-polished, creating a beautifully, tactile surface.

The polished concrete surface is remarkable – it’s both brutal and beautiful. Every piece is very much unique and one-of-a-kind, each one exhibiting subtle ghosting patterns lurking under the surface.

Polished concrete is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty and individuality of a hand-made product. We do not strive for cookie-cutter perfection, nor would we want to. Rather, we retain some idiosyncratic variations that do not affect the integrity of the concrete piece, but actually enhance and personalise it.

This remarkable material needs to be experienced in person, so please contact us to arrange a visit.

This piece is made entirely in Melbourne from locally made materials.

Dimensions & Pricing

1600L x 900W x 750H (mm)
2000L x 900W x 750H (mm)
2400L x 900W x 750H (mm)

Priced from : $2,690.00

This piece can also be custom made: specify your desired size and select from a range of colours for the steel base.

Availability & Delivery

Please enquire for current stock availability.

Estimated production time for items not in stock : 5-7 weeks