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The Byson Low Concrete table is an eminently elegant design. Its distinctive base features folded steel that is powder coated matte black. The polished concrete table top appears cantilevered over the steel base.

As with all of our products, the concrete table is hand-poured and then hand-polished, creating a beautifully unique, tactile surface.

Polished concrete is ideal for those who value a hand-made, bespoke feel; those for whom materials such as caesarstone and laminate are too mass-produced and lacking character.

The natural finish of the polished concrete table is remarkable – it’s both brutal and beautiful. Each piece is very much unique and one-of-a-kind, and has subtle ghosting patterns of the aggregate showing through the surface.

You really have to experience this our polished concrete in person, so please contact us to arrange a visit.

This piece is made entirely in Melbourne from locally made materials.

Dimensions & Pricing

1380L x 550W x 400H (mm)  : $2,050.00

The Byson Table can also be custom made: specify your desired size and select from a range of colours for the steel base.

Availability & Delivery

Please enquire for current stock availability.

Estimated production time for items not in stock : 5-7 weeks